EVA Board of Directors

Chair -Dave Moore – Community
Vice chair – Russ Yates -Slice n Pint
Secretary – Mason Rainey – Community
Treasurer – Mary Eccard- Druid Hills

Board members representing the residents of Druid Hills
Becky Evans
Bill Gryboski
Mark Herold
Todd Hill
Jay Johnson
David Moore
Cynthia Tauxe

Board members representing Emory Village
George Bacso — Rise n Dine
Alex Jones –Keba 
Shane Mixon – Saba Restaurant
Priscilla Velasquez – Barnes and Noble
Russ Yates – Slice & Pint

Board members representing Emory
David Payne (past chair)
Jean Welsh

Advisory Board Members
Lois Berthaume – Druid Hills
Kathie Gannon – DeKalb County Commissioner
Lorna Gentry – Druid Hills
Mark Goldman-Druid Hills
Marlene Goldman—Druid Hills
Nathan Hartman-Attorney
Stuart Meddin – Emory Village property owner
Perry Mitchell – Druid Hills Resident
Jimmy Powell – Emory University
Sally Sears Belcher – Druid Hills Resident
Clarke Weeks – Druid Hills Resident

EVA Committees/Members

All committees need and welcome volunteer participation.

Executive Committee

This committee is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Board when necessary. It is also responsible for Board operations and finance.

Dave Moore –Chair
David Payne –Immediate Past Chair
George Bacso – Vice chair
Mary Eccard – Treasurer
Mason Rainey –Secretary

Communications/Community Building Committee

Charged with communication with our stakeholders and broader audiences as needed and with community building. It organizes the Alliance’s efforts in gathering input from stakeholders and in nurturing community spirit by sponsoring events in the Village

Dave Moore
Lorna Gentry
George Bacso
Sally Sears Belcher
Becky Evans
Alex Jones
Shane Mixon
Perry Mitchell

Plaza Committee

This group developed and oversees the Emory Village Plaza.

Todd Hill –chair
Bill Gryboski
Jen Fabrick
Mark Goldman
Jimmy Powell
Cynthia Tauxe

Fundraising Committee

Lois Berthaume
Sally Sears Belcher
Becky Evans
Marlene Goldman
Shane Mixon
Clarke Weeks

Project Management and Zoning/Design Guidelines Committee

This committee spearheaded development of the revitalization plan for Emory Village and remains abreast of the various design, engineering, and construction efforts underway monitoring progress and facilitating communication among those providing services and resources where needed.

Cynthia Tauxe – chair
Jen Fabrick
Mark Goldman
Todd Hill
Stuart Meddin

Greenspace Committee

Sally Sears Belcher – Chair
Becky Evans
David Payne
Paul Weathersby (community member)
Clarke Weeks

Parking and Transportation Committee

George Bacso- Chair
Lois Berthaume
Stuart Meddin
Cynthia Tauxe

Village Maintenance Committee 

Bill Gryboski – Chair
Mark Goldman
Nathan Hartman
Lois Berthaume