Village Plans

EVA has been working on plans to redevelop Emory Village since 2000. Below is a construction timetable of that work, plus links to the actual planning documents.

Road improvements on North Decatur Road and the long-planned roundabout in Emory Village began in August 2010.

The construction comprised the third phase of the project. First, outdated water lines along North Decatur Road were replaced by DeKalb County. This project began in mid-January 2009.  The second phase involved burying power lines and other utilities along North Decatur Road. Georgia Power managed this project.

Both of these projects had to be completed before DeKalb County could begin the final roadwork project, the roundabout. That project officially began August 11, with work on installing new sidewalks, on North Decatur Road from Peavine Creek to Everybody’s and moving Oxford Road on the north side to make room for the roundabout . As a precursor to the county’s roundabout work, Emory University recently completed its new entrance, which will provide additional space needed to develop the roundabout.

  • Key Planning Documents Related to Emory Village:
  • 2002 Reviitalization Plan (PDF)
  • 2006 Design Guidelines (PDF)
  • 2007 Zoning Overlay District (PDF)
  • 2010 Roundabout Landscape Plans
  • 2010 Construction Stages for Roundabout and Street Scapes (PDF)
  • Emory Village Roundabout Rendering (PDF)