Arborguard Provides Green Solutions for Trees in Emory Village

workersTrees are vital to the urban environment and are an important component in Emory Village’s revitalization project. Urban design and infrastructure greatly reduce the life span of trees. Trees are typically planted in small areas that restrict roots and prevent healthy growth. Trees planted in these conditions have very little access to the water and micronutrients they need to survive. As a result, many urban trees die prematurely. The solution is to progressively amend and enhance the root zones.

In the fall of 2012, Arborguard Tree Specialists was asked to protect, care for, and maintain the newly planted Elms and Maples that line the streets in Emory Village. A team of arborists designed an all natural, custom maintenance program to help prevent premature decline and enrich the village canopy. Twice a year, compacted soil is loosened and fractured by innovative AirTech technnology, while organic matter, micronutrients, and living microbes are added to the soil to rebuild a rich, nutrient laden bed for tree roots. In addition, general maintenance is performed by Arborguard to prevent conflicts with cars, signs, and pedestrians.

All of these services have been donated by Arborguard to promote and enhance Emory Village’s revitalization project. With trees interspersed throughout the village, the new planting and maintenance efforts add to the beauty and vitality of Druid Hills and strengthen the village’s green initiatives. Through the preservation, protection, and care of trees, Arborguard aims to improve the quality of life for both people and trees in a constantly changing landscape.

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(Sept. 2, 2014)