Tips for Navigating a Roundabout

(Courtesy of PEDS, an Atlanta-based pedestrian advocacy organization at


  1. Never walk through a roundabout or cross through the center island (motorists expect you will use the crosswalks and will look for you there).
  2. As pedestrians approach the crosswalk, look LEFT to make sure cars stop for you.
  3. Cross to the next pedestrian island, and look RIGHT to make sure cars stop for you.  Finish crossing to the opposite crosswalk.


  1. Cyclists should walk their bicycles across the pedestrian crosswalk.
  2. If riding in the roundabout, navigate it like motorists.
  3. Do not hug the curb.  Ride in the middle of the lane to prevent vehicles from passing you.
  4. Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.  Signal when making turns out of the roundabout. For more information on safe cycling, visit www.


  1. When approaching the roundabout, slow down to the posted speed.  Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk; they have the right-of-way.
  2. As drivers enter the roundabout, yield to approaching vehicles.  Wait for a gap in traffic, and merge RIGHT into the roundabout.
  3. When in the roundabout, continue until you reach your street. Never stop for other cars while in the roundabout.
  4. To exit the roundabout, signal, then bear right to exit the roundabout.  Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk while exiting.