Proposed Variances for Wine Store Withdrawn

An application to the DeKalb  Zoning Board of Appeals for variances which would have allowed a developer to convert the long vacant Chevron Station Emory Village into a wine store were withdrawn without prejudice in October at the request of the owners, Carolyn and Jimmy Pearson.

 The DeKalb County Historic Preservation Commission in July had approved a certificate of appropriateness for the proposed Sherlock’s wine store at 1574 North Decatur Road, pending additional data to be supplied by the August meeting of the commission. Safety concerns had been expressed over backing out of parking spaces onto the sidewalk and into North Decatur Road,

The applicant sought to purchase the property and renovate the existing structure. The presentation to the commission is available for review at the DeKalb County Planning Commission website

The proposal required several variances, including a variance to eliminate a landscaping buffer, a variance to allow small car ‘compact’ spaces on site, a variance to allow two parking spaces in front of the building closer than 30 feet, and a variance to reduce the amount of required parking if the owners convert the space from retail to restaurant in the future.

While the Emory Village Alliance supported the overall restoration of the historic Chevron building, the EVA Board expressed concerns about safety, parking, and landscape buffers. Read the EVA Zoning Board of Appeals Statement re 1574 N. Decatur Road 081115

Read EVA’s position on the historic preservation issues.

Gas tanks were removed in early July in preparation for the possible new business on the site.

Click here for video of the gas tank removal

Tank Removal Chevron 3