Replanting in the Village

Replanting Islands 2015
With funding provided by the Emory Village Alliance, an Emory grounds crew have pulled out weeds, tilled and amended the soil, and replanted many of the islands in the village.
The liriope, originally planted when the roundabout and islands were created in 2012, had in recent years become sparse and the beds full of weeds, says Jimmy Powell, director of Emory Exterior Services  and a member of the EVA Advisory Board.

IMG_3713His crews replanted eight beds with Asiatic jasmine and hypericum, both of which will eventually fill in the beds to proIMG_2302vide a solid ground cover.  “It’s a difficult site to work because this intersection is heavily trafficked,”  he noted, “but this is the best time of year to plant.”

The members of the Emory crew helping beautify the Village are, from left, Mike Purdom, Powell, Tim Corley, Sergio Sosa, and Thad Matthews.