Neighbors’ Support Brings Trees, Other Plantings to Village Roundabout

Many thanks to our neighbors and friends whose generosity helped make possible the new trees and plantings in the Emory Village roundabout.

Wendy Baer
Tara & Matt Bartelt
Lynn Baxter
Timothy Baxter
Eugene Berkowitz and Allison Kron
Robert Berry and Jane Seward
James Bilderback
Frederick Bliss Foundation
Brian Bowen
Frederick Boyd
Donna Brogan
David Brookes
Craig and Allana Brookes
Steven Budnick & Susan Muller
Benjamin Clark
Philip Clark
Ann Cobb
Jeff Cobb
Ron Cobb
Kevin and Karen Colton
Rosalie and Max Cooper
Ann Critz M.D.
Dove Studios
Dr. Rob Dretler and Muffie Michaelson
Amy Durrell & Russell Curry
Mary Eccard
Tricia and Jeff Elam
James Etheridge
David Ewing
Health Ewing
John Falco
Scott Godfrey
Stacy & Bill Gryboski
Thomas Gryboski
Kasey Gryboski
Fredrick Hargreaves
Hilary Hargreaves
Steven Harris
Mark and Joann Herold
Peggy Hibbert
Todd Hill
George and Carole Hirthler
Karen and Mark Holzberg
Margaret M. And Irwin T. Hyatt
Stanley Jones & Barbara Cleveland
Joel Knox
Lakshmanan Krishnamurti and Uma Krishnamurti
Elliott Kyle
Mary Kyle
Christian Larsen
Clotilde Larse
Dr. Howard and Faith Levy
Evan Lindsay
Jon Markham
Jonah McDonald
David Moore
Eugene Nicholson
Dee and Kim O’Roark
Charles F. Palmer
Sally Pearson
David Peterson
Heather and Jess Pinkerton
Jasmes Sadd
Laura Sadd
Marvin Seals III
Patricia and Wayne Skousen
Karen Slaughter
Burton Tillman and Charles Andrews
Elizabeth and Leonard Turner
Chris Wagner
Donald Walter
Clarke Weeks
J. Paul Whitehead III
Claude & Judy Williams
Stephen and Ann Yarbrough
Leslie Zacks
Tanya Zacks

Leah Antoniazzi
George Bacso
Lois Berthaume
Mary Eccard
Becky Evans
Mark Goldman
Marlene Goldman
Bill Gryboski
Todd Hill
Stuart Meddin
Shane Mixon
David Moore
David Payne (chair)
Mason Rainey
Cynthia Tauxe
Russ Yates

Rachel Barrueta
Kathie Gannon
Nathan Hartman
Perry Mitchell
Jimmy Powell
Sally Sears Belcher
Clarke Weeks

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