Keeping Village Trees in Good Shape

trees-pruned-sept-2016 Neighbors recently sounded an alarm in NextDoor Druid Hills that a “middle-aged man was hacking away” at the Amur Maples in Emory Village. Landscape architect Todd Hill replied that pruning the trees would reap numerous benefits.

“The Amur Maples in the public right of way along North Decatur Road are small, fast growing trees. They were overgrown, and needed to be pruned and shaped to achieve the proper upright structure to promote a strong multi-trunk base (by removing horizontal cross-branching which restricts air movement). This will maintain a dense upper leaf canopy, above the 6′ clear trunk and opens up views to storefronts, while providing shade to pedestrians underneath. Up lighting of the branching habit would be spectacular, even in the winter.

“Per, the time to prune Acer ginnala, Amur Maple, is “mid-to-late summer”. New growth in the spring will reinforce the upward form, says Hill who designed the Emory Village Plaza and is former president of the Emory Village Alliance.

“Folks from four different  businesses came out to say how much they appreciated the effort, how much better it looks, and one woman sitting at Lucky’s said she enjoyed watching me sculpt the trees.”

Hill invites outspoken community volunteers to join EVA ongoing efforts to improve the Village.  Contact EVA at eva@emory