New Building Proposed on Oxford Road

Two buildings (on right) on Oxford Road are in the crosshairs of redevelopment.

Emory Village Alliance is happy to announce that a potential new retail development may be located within the Village.  Blanchard Real Estate has developed conceptual plans for a new two-story building at 1397 and 1399 N. Oxford Road.  The property is located across from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore/Starbucks and between restaurants Zoe’s and Chipotle.  Both existing buildings are in poor shape and have been vacant for some time.

Blanchard Realty presented conceptual plans to the Emory Village Alliance Board at the its April and May meetings.  The plans were favorably received and the Board supports the plans as presented as consistent with the Emory Village Alliance mission.  We expect additional details as the plans are developed. EVA will continue to monitor the development and provide status updates.