EVA Volunteers at Work

Emory Village Alliance is known for its vision and efforts to improve the village. For the volunteers of the alliance, that work is never done.

Fall Work Day 2017 at the Emory Village Roundabout

Two years ago, EVA spearheaded efforts to plant trees in the Emory Village roundabout, and this fall sent out volunteers to pull the weeds and do general clean up at the busy intersection. Now on the EVA agenda is raising money to light the roundabout so that it is a visible centerpiece of the village night and day.

And there are always unexpected “housekeeping” chores that keep EVA volunteers on their toes. Like this past November when former EVA Chair Todd Hill learned that water was running down north Oxford from the Village.He shut down the Village’s pumping system which provides water for the fountain as well as much of the landscaping in the Village.

The next morning, he and current EVA Chair Dave Moore (pictured) opened the manhole covers to discover about an inch of water in the well plump vault. A recently installed sump plump cleared the water in minutes.  “It works great,” says Todd, noting that the fountain and lights are all working fine as well.

But turning the well pump back on resulted in a gusher outside of the vault. EVA hired a plumber to get the system running again.