Help Light Up the Roundabout!

With your help, Emory Village Alliance will light up the trees in the roundabout! Lighting the roundabout trees will enhance our lighted fountain in the Plaza and lighted entranceway. It’s easy to donate–just click here  or the “Donate” button on this page.  

EVA was instrumental in the Village streetscape redevelopment, leveraging over $3 million in capital projects graciously provided through DeKalb County, bringing greater safety and aesthetics to our community.  “Light Up the Roundabout” requires running power under the roadway and purchasing landscape lights which will feature the plantings that were part of the $15,000 landscape enhancement spearheaded by EVA board member Bill Gryboski.  

With your help, we will raise $7,000 for power and light installation and ongoing maintenance.  

EVA multiplies your charitable dollar. Through partnerships with DeKalb County, Emory University, and Village merchants, EVA’s work multiplies your charitable, tax-deductible donation. EVA led implementation of Emory Village Plaza. It was built with over $300,000 in capital from public-private funds and through donated design services by EVA Board Member Todd Hill of DTJ Design, sculpture design by Charles Calhoun, Calhoun Design and Metalworks, Inc., and Architectural Fountains & Pools, Inc., which donated equipment and construction of the Mary Kelly Fountain. 

Please make a tax deductible donation today by clicking the ‘Donate’ button or send a check, made out to: ‘Alliance to Improve Emory Village,’ to P.O. Box 15185, Atlanta, GA, 30333 

Call EVA Board Chair David Moore with any questions: 404-245-5421 

501(c)(3) receipts will be provided for tax purposes.