Brick SOS

Recently, most of us have experienced this scenario: You’re enjoying a smooth drive around the roundabout in the Village and then—Bam! You hit a section of brick paving that has sunken or loosened so drastically it jars your car and rattles your teeth.

Emory Village Alliance has received a number of complaints about this issue. Key EVA members have contacted DeKalb County, which maintains the roadways, about this issue and we have good news to report. The county responded right away to our concerns and promised to fix the bricks, as well as to investigate making changes to avoid future erosion.

“Emory Village Alliance is very pleased with how quickly DeKalb County responded to a rapidly degrading situation,” says Dave Moore, EVA chair.  

Look for repair crews in the near future. In the meantime if you would like to report other road issues, contact David Pelton, PE, Director DeKalb County Transportation, 770-492-5223.