Spring Cleaning in the Village

A beautiful day in May welcomed eager hands and new and long-time neighbors who converged upon the Village to spruce up public spaces.

Volunteers yanked weeds, pruned, edged and dug as part of a service day sponsored by the Druid Hill Civic Association in partnership with the Emory Village Alliance.

“The results,” said Todd Hill, EVA chair, “were fantastic! We have the best looking roundabout and streetscape in Druid Hills and beyond.”

Mapping the Village Potential

It’s been 11 years since the DeKalb County commissioners unanimously approved the Emory Village Alliance’s zoning overlay and design guidelines, thus setting a new direction for Emory Village – one that would create a community commercial center that is economically viable and in the best long-term interests of Druid Hills residents, Emory Village and Emory University.

The map shows the Emory Village Regulating Plan from 2007 that identifies the boundary limits of the Emory Village Overlay District. It also shows historic structures and allowed building heights for new development or renovation projects.  One of the unique elements is the potential for a path along Peavine Creek.

Learn more about the overlay and design guidelines.

Help Light Up the Roundabout!

With your help, Emory Village Alliance will light up the trees in the roundabout! Lighting the roundabout trees will enhance our lighted fountain in the Plaza and lighted entranceway. It’s easy to donate–just click here  or the “Donate” button on this page.  

EVA was instrumental in the Village streetscape redevelopment, leveraging over $3 million in capital projects graciously provided through DeKalb County, bringing greater safety and aesthetics to our community.  “Light Up the Roundabout” requires running power under the roadway and purchasing landscape lights which will feature the plantings that were part of the $15,000 landscape enhancement spearheaded by EVA board member Bill Gryboski.  

With your help, we will raise $7,000 for power and light installation and ongoing maintenance.  

EVA multiplies your charitable dollar. Through partnerships with DeKalb County, Emory University, and Village merchants, EVA’s work multiplies your charitable, tax-deductible donation. EVA led implementation of Emory Village Plaza. It was built with over $300,000 in capital from public-private funds and through donated design services by EVA Board Member Todd Hill of DTJ Design, sculpture design by Charles Calhoun, Calhoun Design and Metalworks, Inc., and Architectural Fountains & Pools, Inc., which donated equipment and construction of the Mary Kelly Fountain. 

Please make a tax deductible donation today by clicking the ‘Donate’ button or send a check, made out to: ‘Alliance to Improve Emory Village,’ to P.O. Box 15185, Atlanta, GA, 30333 

Call EVA Board Chair David Moore with any questions: 404-245-5421 

501(c)(3) receipts will be provided for tax purposes.

North Oxford Targeted for Streetscape Makeover

The northern part of Oxford Road between Keba and Zoe’s is a step closer to becoming markedly safer, more pedestrian friendly, handicapped accessible, attractive, and consistent with the Emory Village Overlay design standards.

The Emory Village Alliance (EVA) has initiated and approved a proposed streetscape redesign, created by landscape architect Todd Hill, DTJ Design, who also designed the popular gathering place known as Emory Village Plaza.  The newest proposal will be submitted to DeKalb County for funding and development.

Running from 1385 Oxford to 1401 Oxford Road, the new streetscape will realign the sidewalk and parking, providing space for wide tree-and-landscape-lined sidewalks and parallel parking. Benches, bike rack and a streetlights will also be added. The look and feel will be similar to the rest of the Village which was redeveloped over the past 15 years, thanks to the efforts of EVA, DeKalb County, Emory University, the Atlanta Regional Commissioner, and scores of local individuals and families.  

The proposal targets a long-neglected strip that fronts Keba, Romeo’s Pizza and Chipotle, plus frontage to a former barber shop and a house recently purchased by Blanchard Real Estate. The area currently presents a significant hazard to pedestrians, who have had to walk around cars and onto the street to continue down Oxford, and to bicyclists .

EVA is a nonprofit community organization committed to the vitality of the historic commercial heart of Druid Hills in Emory Village.  Its volunteer shareholders include residents, businesses, property owners and representatives of Emory University.