Building heightEmory Village 2007 Design Guidelines ensure that new construction will strengthen the coherence and heighten the compatibility among the disparate parts of the Village. Their purpose is to preserve the Village’s historic urban pattern, encourage the preservation of existing contributing structures, and provide clear design standards so that new development in the Village is contemporary, but compatible with the historic structures and context, and is clearly an expression of state-of-the-art design technology and thought. These design standards achieve this by serving as a basis for review by the Historic Preservation Commission. Any material change in a building, structure, site or work of art within Emory Village requires a certificate of appropriateness (COA) approved by this Preservation Commission.

These design standards apply to the area within DeKalb County’s officially designated boundaries for the Emory Village Overlay District. They are the product of an intensive development process involving representatives of the adjoining neighborhoods, business owners, property owners, University representatives, and officials of DeKalb County’s planning and historic agencies, along with interested members of the public and university students.

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